Camping ($30 for a weekend spot)

Camping Rules

How much is a tent camping spot?

A tent camping spot is $30 and is valid for the two-day festival.

So when you say camping, what do you mean?

You can pitch your tent (literally and figuratively) in a flat, open field adjacent to the festival. You’ll be responsible for all the essentials, but spread around the camping area will be picnic tables and fire pits. This is meant for “single families” per spot.

In order to purchase a tent camping spot, you must purchase a weekend festival ticket. Weekend festival tickets are classified as “Friends of Birdfest”, VIP, or General Weekend Pass.

How do I purchase a Camping pass?

Tent Camping passes must be purchased with a festival ticket as well to gain entry into BirdFest. Please click here to purchase tickets.

What should I bring for camping?

Tent, ground cover and sleeping pad; air mattress and sleeping bag; blankets and pillows. 

Raincoat, sunscreen, hat/bandana, sunglasses, headlamp, warm clothes (for at night)

Feel free to bring food and beverages to your tent, but do not bring them into the festival grounds.

When do Campers have to leave the grounds?

By 12 p.m. on Sunday.